Announcing the Groove API

Announcing the Groove API

After weeks of head-down development and testing, we’re excited to announce the release of the Groove API.

Not a week has gone by when we haven’t gotten a handful of emails or Tweets asking if and when we’d be releasing an open API.

Finally, after weeks of head-down development and testing, we can reveal the answers to those two questions: yes, we’re releasing an API, and it’s happening today.

We’re excited to announce the Groove API.

Our new API lets you build Groove functionality right into your app.

Some of the things you can do include:

  • Automatically create Groove tickets from external events (for example, when a customer places an order)
  • Display Groove tickets for a specified customer in that customer’s profile within your own app
  • Reply to Groove tickets directly from another app
  • Update tickets from external apps (for example, once a story in Pivotal Tracker is completed)
  • Import old tickets and customer data from another helpdesk
  • Export your entire Groove ticket and customer history for your records

We’re proud of the API we’ve built, and we’re thrilled to open it up for you to use.

To get started with the Groove API, check out our API Docs here.

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