Groove in July

Groove in July: Knowledge Base Search in Inbox, Print Conversations, Performance Improvements, and More!

Another busy month over here at Groove.

We have some great new features available this month, including Knowledge Base search within your Inbox, a change our users are giving us great feedback on.

We’d also like to thank everyone that took a few minutes to fill out our recent survey, which is helping us prioritize (and add in some new features) to our Roadmap.

We’re still going through all the results, but we already have some clear themes that we will be tackling to help make Groove even more valuable to you and your teams!

Without further adieu, here’s what our product team has been working on in July!

Knowledge base integration for your InboxLive

Now you can link to and view KB articles without ever leaving the Inbox. 

You told us how important it is to reduce friction and improve efficiency within your Inbox. Our newest feature delivers on both accounts:

  1. Effortlessly insert a Knowledge Base article directly into a reply 
  2. Quickly open up a KB article from within the Inbox for reference

This Knowledge Base integration will help you save time, work more efficiently, and train new team members with ease. It should also improve customer satisfaction and decrease response time. It’s a win for all. 

We’re so excited about this new feature, we have a whole announcement about it here.

Printing conversationsLive

We have added in the ability to print your conversations right from your Inbox.

Not only is this now easy to access, we’ve placed a lot of effort into optimizing the formatting for the printing view, giving you all the information you would need when printing either an entire conversation or just a specific message.

Performance improvementsLive

We’ve recently shipped an improvement that will improve a situation where certain customers would experience a lag in typing replies and notes.

In addition, we are currently rolling out a global improvement to our backend API, resulting in a far more responsive app, responding 30-40% faster for actions that you take in the Inbox 🚀

Collision detection for notesIn progress

In addition to seeing who is currently viewing or replying to a conversation, we’ll be adding some extra insight into whether an agent is leaving a note.

Search improvementsIn progress

We are extending our search function to be even more helpful with improvements to the usability of search and by building in some great new modifiers and a brand new advanced search function.

This is a big project, and instead of waiting till all of it is completed, we will be shipping out new improvements as they completed.

Improvements to Trello and GitHub integrationsIn progress

Having rolled out our Trello and GitHub integrations close to a year ago, we’ve received some great suggestions for improvements. Taking this feedback into account, we will be moving the integration to the right hand panel, giving you a quick view of associated cards and issues.

In addition, you will now also be able to configure whether you want updates on the cards/issues to be shown right in your conversation thread as actions, and whether or not these actions should re-open a ticket if it has been closed.

Jira and Asana integrationsComing Soon

With the new improvements coming to GitHub and Trello, we decided it was time to tackle two of our most popular integration requests: Jira and Asana.

These will work almost exactly the same as the other two integrations, allowing you to handle all customer-related project management right from your Inbox.

Tag improvementsComing Soon

Hot on the heels of the canned reply improvements, we are kicking off a bunch of changes and improvements to our tagging workflow based off your feedback.

Knowledge base

To guide your visitors through a list of articles, or to suggest further reading on the subject they’re looking into, we’ll soon be adding the option to show Related articles below your article.

This is a great way to better help them find the answer they’re looking for, as the full picture might be spread out over multiple articles and their specific question might be someplace other than they expected.

You’ll be able to add as many related articles as you like and decide exactly what gets added to each article.

Article attachmentsComing Soon

For when you need to distribute content to your visitors, you will soon be able to add those files as attachments to your articles.

Supporting a wide range of file types, this allows for quick and simple downloading of additional content right within your content.

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