Groove in August

Groove in August: A New Search Engine, Collision Detection, Unsplash, and More!

It’s been another busy month for the product and engineering teams here at Groove!

Read on to hear what we’re doing with printing, collision detection, and an all-new search engine for your Inbox.

We’ve also updated Groove’s integrations with Trello, GitHub, Asana, Jira, WooCommerce, Shopify, and (a brand new partnership for us) Unsplash!


Printing conversationsLive

You can now print either your whole conversation or individual threads in a highly optimized format made for printing.

With this optimized print view, you get all the necessary details and links such as attachment names, tags added, and all email actions.

Paste inline imagesLive

One of our most highly requested features is now live! Add images inline by pasting or dropping it directly in the reply editor.

With the new drag and drop feature, you can also attach images (instead of pasting inline) by dropping them on the lower toolbar (similar to most other email clients).

Any non-image files dragged onto the reply editor will be attached as usual.

Collision detection for notesLive

Just like collision detection for viewing or replying to conversations, now you can see when another agent is leaving a note as well. 

Search V3In progress

Last month, we conducted a comprehensive survey on our product features. One of the clear trends was that our search needs some TLC. We’ve taken all the feedback into consideration and kicked off a complete overhaul of our search.

This is a huge project and will introduce a highly flexible, modern search experience. The goal is to give you tons of functionality so you can quickly and easily find any conversation within Groove.

Tags improvementsIn beta

We are in the final phases of some usability improvements to our tagging feature based off feedback from the Groove 2.0 launch. 

These improvements will roll out in phases to all Groove users throughout August and September. Tagging will be a quicker, more seamless experience.

Trello, Github improvementsIn progress

The integration team has been hard at work building a deeper integration with both Github and Trello. The new improvements will give you more context into the current state of your linked tasks/issues. Now, you’ll get a summary of the issue/task in the right hand bar, along with loading all updates into your email actions.

Even more exciting, we are also building in additional functionality to reopen a linked conversation in Groove when an issue/task is closed (or moved into a certain column). 

This is unbelievably handy for following up with your customers, since you’ll automatically know once a task is done!

Asana and JiraIn progress

Hot on the heels of the Trello and Github improvements, we will be launching our integrations to both Asana an Jira.

These integrations will have all the latest improvements we have planned for Github and Trello baked right in. We are aiming to be live towards the end of September.

WooCommerce, BigCommerce integrations and Shopify improvementsComing Soon

During September, we’ll kick off working on our new Ecommerce integrations. Plus, we’ll start working on a host of improvements for a deeper integration into Shopify.

More news about these coming in September!

Settings V2Coming Soon

In September, we’ll begin the development overhaul of our Settings pages, including a host of usability improvements to existing features, alongside introducing a bunch of new ones.

As our settings reach into all aspects of our product, this project is a huge undertaking and will span across a few months. We will be sure to keep you updated on our progress in our monthly blog posts.

Knowledge Base

Help your customers find exactly what they’re looking for with related articles on your Knowledge base.

At the end of each article, you can now place a list of related articles to help your customers find what they need easily, minimizing incoming requests to you and your support team.

New header images and Unsplash integration for your KBIn progress

We will be adding a bunch of beautifully designed background images for you to add to your Knowledge Base with just a few clicks.

If none of those suit your fancy, our collaboration with will let you choose from millions of their awesome images, completely free of charge! Unsplash makes it easy to find the perfect photo and add a sleek design element to your posts. We’re really excited to offer you their library! 

Attachments on your articlesComing Soon

One of our biggest Knowledge Base requests is to add the ability to attach files to articles.

This is particularly handy if you have resources or files that users need to download to supplement your content. We’ll be working on this in the upcoming months. 

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